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Symetrie did a full basement development for us, turning our open, empty, and useless downstairs into a legal secondary suite that we're looking to rent out. They were fast, friendly, and affordable. Not to mention, Shayne was really great at helping us define our vision for the space and turn it into a reality. He even put up with (and answered) all my stupid questions haha. they were super knowledgeable and professional, all the way around. I've been leary of contractors my entire life for some reason, but Shayne and his crew did a really great job of turning that around! I'd recommend them to anyone. Overall very pleased with the company, and our newly developed basement suite! I can't wait to move renters in there this October! Thanks again.

Sabrian Missens

I would like to thank Sym├ętrie Interiors for their fantastic job at my school Centre. The job had been done quickly, thoroughly and professionally. The finishing touch was great, and the place was clean after and I got it back, which was exactly what I asked for at a reasonable price. I definitely recommend Sym├ętrie Interiors if you need some great work done. Thumbs up to Mr. Raffard and his team.

Mike Clement, Kumon Regina

Pricing is reasonable. They aren't the most expensive contractors in town, but not the cheapest either. Booking was super simple and Shayne seems like he really has a passion for what he does. Very technical & efficient. They've gotten window installs down to such an exact science that they can remove and replace in the cold SK weather without hardly changing the temp of your home. I was reeeaaally shocked by that, and just overall, pretty pleased with my decision to give them a call. I have more work to do come Spring and I will most definitely be getting them back.

Henry Davis

Date: Apr 25, 2017

Basement Remodel

Currently we have a basement remodel going on with Symétrie Interiors. The contractor Shayne Raffard appears to be very knowledgeable person. That is the primary reason we went with him. He seems to have better understanding of the work involved and speaks in volume about it.

The work completed so far appears to be high quality. The glass shower installation looks great. Can't wait to use it.

Thank you kindly,
Jay Regina, SK

Date: Monday, July 27, 2015

I have hired Mr. Shayne Raffard and his company Symétrie Interiors to fully renovate my home. I am fortunate to have found this man of high integrity, honesty and forthrightness. His workmanship is truly second to none, his attention to detail and doing what is not only correct and necessary is very much appreciated. Instead of trying to take advantage of his customers I would certainly deem him as the "go to" kitchen and bath specialist. Essentially, for my project, Shayne and his team have gone above and beyond in their commitment to ensure I will have a home I can and will be extremely proud.

Beyond the obvious skills required to complete the construction of the home, Shayne brings to the job a polite, respectful and caring attitude and commitment which makes the decision making process for me to be completed in a comfortable, relaxed and non-intimidating fashion and environment. I have yet to feel uninformed or taken advantage of, his extra time and extra costs he has assumed to ensure we are on budget but also realizing the need to do things correctly without cutting corners is very much appreciated.

Shayne is a business person with a well defined vision and business plan, a person with a clear direction who in all likely hood will not only meet but exceed his own very high expectations for himself and his team.

It is with great honour to have gotten to know a man of Shayne's calibre, as in life we always have some to glean and learn from, Shayne is a man of many diverse talents and skill sets. I have written several testimonials and references for teachers as I have spent the majority of my life as a high school principal, rarely have I written a letter that unequivocally supports a person/company to such a high standard.


Daryl Sametz,
Franchise Owner M&M Meatshops

Hey Shayne: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and I hope you had a few days of rest from working.

My basement is very nice and I have had many great compliments on it and how much warmer and less damp it feels. People have actually sat on the floor instead of the couch. Haha
I do appreciate your thoughts and I have told people about you and your work and I can show them what you have done in my basement. People like seeing results.
Keep in touch Shayne!

- Kirk Matthes

We are very pleased with Symétrie Interiors as the work has been very good. Very nice to talk to also.

- Munim Choudhury

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