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With 30 years of experience in the renovation industry, Symetrie Interiors offers unparalleled expertise and commitment to your project. We cater to all budgets and strive to provide innovative design solutions that reflect your unique style and needs. Let's bring your renovation dreams to life together.

No home renovation is complete without also renovating the bathrooms and we can give you the bathroom you've always dreamed of

Your kitchen is the heart of your home as well as our specialty.  We can help to design your dream kitchen for less than you think. 

Whether commercial, retail or residential your space needs to feel like an area where people always want to return to. We can give your space the love it needs.   

The first thing people think when they see your house. We can help your house stand out on the block and build you that new deck you've been thinking about

Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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